"...Jan's work is ingenious in being able to capture both the Anzac and Turkish experience and present it in a way that is totally accessible, engaging, and respectful but at the same time quietly theatrical..."

Harvey Broadbent, author and producer of Gallipoli writings and documentaries
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Storytelling/musical theatre, with student participation. (Scripts for 5 students to join Jan are sent in advance)

A unique re-telling of the Gallipoli story, using Turkish and Australian literature, song and oral history. Contextualised within Australia's involvement in WW1.

Suitable for years 7-12

History CSF & VELS Level5 & 6
English CSF &VELS Level 5/6
Drama CSF & VELS Level 5/6
Music CSF & VELS Level 5/6
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"The performance was excellent; varied and relaxed, but quite structured. Having students involved showed that this was cool. The stories challenged the students to think, and it was great for SOSE, Australian History and English." (Horsham Memorial SC)

"Fitted in with the study of war in Year 9 History, and as an alternative to class work gave expression to other 'intelligences'. The music gained a very positive response from students, It was commendable to weave in the Turkish perspective. The participation kept the group engaged with a feeling of sharing the event." ( Xavier College)

Lest We Forget
is unique because it uses both Turkish and Australian song, poetry and yarn spinning to tell a story central to both Turkish and Australian identity - the Gallipoli story.

Lest We Forget uses material from:
· The Sentimental Bloke by C.J. Dennis
· Poet Mary Gilmore's universal mothers' tale of war
· Great Australian raconteur, Bill Harney
· Ted Egan's moving Gallipoli songs
· Nazim Hikmet's epic poem of Mehmet, the Turkish foot soldier
· Turkey's most famous song about Gallipoli - Cannakale

The show also includes personal stories from Jan's trip to the Gallipoli battlefields where he performmed Lest We Forget - Hic Unutmaya Cagiz before 8,000 people awaiting the 2003 Dawn Service.

Suitability Level 5, 6 & VCE
Curriculum Focus CSF & VELS 5/6: History, English, Drama, Music
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Duration 50 minutes plus questions/discussion
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